The Chocolate Truffle: Winchester

Juicy figs, bubbly champagne, sophisticated red wines, bold and earthy espresso… these are a few of the most enjoyable things in life. When they are rolled inside a decadent piece of chocolate that melts upon the slightest touch of warmth surrounded by a tasty, hardened shell, I couldn’t care less about eating actual figs or sipping on hot espresso. This is where it’s at.

The Chocolate Truffle is my guilty pleasure when I walk around Winchester center. After picking up some goods at CVS or a fresh cup of coffee at Starbucks, there’s nothing that ends the day better than a beautifully handcrafted morsel.

Started in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1990, Bacci Chocolate Design created this lovely boutique which can be found in two locations, Reading and Winchester. Owners Erin Calvo-Bacci and Carlo Bacci have done a wonderful job with all their products. Not only are they delicious, but they are also great ideas for gifts! Of course your friend will be happy if you buy a box of truffles for them, but what about chocolate dipped twinkies, chocolate bark, chocolate bars with bacon, chocolate pizza, chocolate buffalo wings, chocolate shoes- I had you at “bacon,” didn’t I? Many of these products are purchased locally as well, which is another reason why I love this little shop.

I believe each truffle is about $2, which is a bit on the pricey side- but I’d much rather pay an extra dollar for a memorable morsel than a dollar for something I feel indifferent about. Experiencing fig seeds popping inside of your mouth while you satisfy your sweet tooth is something everyone should be entitled to!

The Chocolate Truffle… is it really a guilty pleasure if I feel absolutely no shame?

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4 thoughts on “The Chocolate Truffle: Winchester

  1. The chocolates look rich, indulgent, and hand-crafted, which pretty much describes what I want in a boutique chocolatier. I don’t know about the chocolate-covered Twinkies, but it’s nice to know that you don’t need to go to Cambridge or Boston to go truffle-hunting!

    • Absolutely. If you’re ever on my turf, I will show you the best places around the area, Jim! The Chocolate Truffle never disappoints.

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