Fish Market

What do you get when high end sushi chefs unite together to open up their own restaurant? Surprisingly, not another high end restaurant. Instead, a bright, simple and humble space with five tables and seating around a sushi bar filled with experience. It’s fresh, it’s friendly- it’s Fish Market.

                                                       Avocado Ball

In 2010, Fish Market’s Avocado Ball was listed as the most memorable dish in the Boston Globe. It’s 2 years later and the statement still stands strong. Inside the creamy layer of beautifully arranged avocado slices is a mixture of tuna, white tuna, flying fish roe and wasabi flying fish roe. Outside lies rings of lemon mayonnaise that ends each bite with a crisp and light feeling, leaving your taste buds excited and ready to try some memorable rolls.

Crazy Eggplant Maki, Kobe Beef Maki, Spicy Salmon Maki, Seared Salmon Maki

Yellowtail Truffle Maki

Foie Gras Sushi

The dishes served were in a certain order, which heightened the experience overall. First served was the Avocado ball, then the special maki rolls. All of the rolls were fantastic and the fish quality was excellent. The Seared Salmon Maki was quickly seared on top so your bites are filled with intriguing temperatures of warm, melt-in-your-mouth salmon that compliments cool sticky rice that holds a bundle of tempura flakes and flying fish roe with a mixture of flattering sauces.

Served last was the foie gras. You always save the best for last! The luxuriously decadent foie gras was doused in rich truffle oil where any sane person would savor this morsel by closing their eyes for the next few minutes smiling. I would happily sacrifice dessert for the rest of the week to justify another mouthwatering bite.

My experiences here have always been great and I do not have a single complaint for Fish Market. These sushi chefs have clearly not given up their standards for high end quality. There’s really no need to anxiously wait for an elegant meal during Restaurant Week anymore! Their down-to-earth attitudes give us an opportunity to taste refined sushi any time of the day at an affordable price.

Long live Fish Market!

                Avocado Ball              $12
    Crazy Eggplant Maki              $9
            Kobe Beef Maki              $15
      Spicy Salmon Maki              $5.5
    Seared Salmon Maki              $12
   Yellowtail Truffle Maki              $16
 Foie Gras Sushi (each)             $6

Total Meal: $100
Servings: 2-3 people

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  1. This place has never disappointed me! This was a great review and it reminds me of what kept me going there in the first place. Great pics too!

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